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Janet Brumbaugh and Associates analyzes each company and hiring situation individually, tailoring Janet's own unique approach to fit each client’s distinct needs.  Utilizing her background in educational psychology, JBA is able to locate hard-to-find individuals from a wide range of industries.  Janet's skills at in-depth interviewing produce highly sought-after candidates that other recruiters might not be able to secure.  In addition, she makes use of her extensive national network of talented individuals.  She specializes in uncovering the kind of candidate that fits her client's exacting demands.  These streamlined processes allow JBA to uncover top talent quickly, saving time and quickly benefiting her clients' financial growth. 

A list of Janet Brumbaugh’s clients includes such companies as:

Barco Medical Imaging Systems
Hilti Corporation
(chemical division)
FoundationWorks, Inc. 
(web metrics)
Portland Energy Conservation Inc.
(energy efficiency)
Hideki Electronics
TechTracker division of CNET
(internet network)

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JBA's search process utilizes clear steps that enable all stakeholders to know how the process works and what stage the process is in.  Our Search Steps show the painstaking and personal approach JBA uses for each of their searches.

Would you like to see how the Janet Brumbaugh and Associates approach would apply to your business?  Let us design a complimentary initial Business Hiring Analysis for your company.  This analysis gives JBA a chance to ascertain the more individualized aspects of any hiring situation.  We will then make a presentation giving our approach to finding the best candidates for the position (or positions).  If another method or firm seems more appropriate, we will recommend other sources.

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Janet Brumbaugh and Associates' commitment is to find
the right candidate the first time.