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     “Cascade Energy was faced with a sudden need to hire several key contributors.  These 
     positions called for not only strong leadership and marketing ability, but also specialized
     technical experience.  Janet helped us establish a road map, and determine our needs.  
     Finding suitable candidates was challenging, given our need for top talent, and considering 
     that employees of this caliber can afford to be choosy in selecting their career path.  Janet 
     is a master at finding highly talented individuals from unlikely places.  Throughout the 
     process, she ensured that the prospective candidates had a genuine interest and cultural 
     alignment in working with us. Janet identified and alerted us to each candidate’s potential 
     problem areas, as well as strengths that weren’t always evident.  All our offers were 
     accepted and each hire continues to be a major contributor to our company growth and 

  Janet listens intently and has strong intuitive skills.  She prides herself on a personal 
     approach, continuing to fine tune during the process as circumstances change.  She’s open 
     to feedback and suggestions.  The separation between consultant and company diminished 
     and Janet became an integral part of our company’s efforts.  Cascade wouldn’t be where it 
     is today without her help.”

     "I would personally like to thank you for your valued recruiting partnership with
     PECI over the past several years.  Your networking efforts have helped PECI hire
     some of our industry's top talent.  These individuals have been instrumental in
     enhancing PECI's reputation in the market and have collaborated with others
     to help continue the growth of the organization.  I truly appreciate the work and
     contributions you have made to PECI."

      (former President of Advantage Energy Systems)
    “It is refreshing in today's society to work with an individual who not only talks professionally,
     but who acts professionally. I was shocked, yet pleased, when Janet shared some limited concerns
     she had for a candidate whom I was ready to hire. It was obvious to me that Janet was putting my
     company's wellbeing above her fee. Janet relieved me of the burden of identifying and screening
     candidates.  She allowed me to be able to run and grow my business.”

    “I needed help finding high caliber marketing and engineering executives.  These individuals
     needed to have highly specialized backgrounds and were to be critical hires “leading the
     charge” in establishing Plantronics’ new business presence in Portland.  Within a month,
     Janet Brumbaugh was able to identify and present a slate of outstanding individuals.  All
     candidates had the potential to drive our Company’s success by providing leadership of their
     respective disciplines.  Janet Brumbaugh & Associates was able to act nimbly and quickly in
     successfully executing a difficult search.  Janet Brumbaugh’s firm was not only a pleasure to
     deal with but far exceeded our expectations with the quality and timeliness of results.”

     "I have worked with Janet Brumbaugh as a recruiting agent for my company on several
     occasions over the last 10 years. Her primary mission has been the competitive recruitment
     of the top revenue performers in our industry. Top performers in our industry don't need to
     look for another job and aren't inclined to spend time discussing employment opportunities
     directly. Janet's experience and natural tact allows her to explore the career goals of
     potential candidates without disturbing their current employment while determining the
     basis for future discussions with our company.

     Janet is, what I call, an enthusiastic listener. You can literally feel her anticipation for what
     you are going to say next. People in competitive businesses don't normally get to talk to
     someone like Janet, even though everybody wishes they could. I think that this the key to
     opening doors for her. Janet has also worked very hard to understand our industry which I
     think is characteristic of a professional in her business. I would recommend consideration
     of her services for any business that cannot wait to develop internal talent to meet their
     business goals."

     "I have observed Janet many times in her interview process more recently as a client and formerly
     as a peer. She is thorough, ethical, inquisitive yet respectful and insightful. She maintains a
     commitment to working with quality talent. She is very resourceful in finding and attracting top 
     people. Janet conducts in-depth interviews. She stays actively involved with her client companies
     and candidates throughout the interview process and follow-up. She has a strong reputation 
     based on integrity and high professional standards."

     “Janet was crucial in the development of our organization. Her extensive contact base and
      collaborative spirit enabled us to find the key personnel to take us to the next level. Her
     Renaissance style facilitated cross functional integration and cooperation. I would highly
     recommend her services.”

     “I've never met a more thorough recruiter than Janet. She is extremely detail oriented and only
     makes solid recommendations. I completely trust her.”

     “Working with Janet as she guided me through the recruiting process with PECI was a pleasure.
     She worked hard to set accurate expectations for both PECI and myself. She communicated
     effectively. It was a pleasure working with her.”