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Step 1: Search Assignment Internal Approval
JBA challenges the position's specifications for market validity, assessing the technical skills required, the competitiveness of the compensation, the hiring process, and the group dynamics.  We then address any concerns with the client and offer recommendations.

Step 2: Client Approval
JBA provides the client with our interpretation of the position.  Client reviews agreement.  Presents any necessary modifications.  Final draft is submitted for acceptance.

Step 3: Existing Candidate Sort
We narrow the field of existing candidates using a sorting process based on the candidate's criteria for change and the client's desires.

Step 4: Simultaneous New Candidate Search
JBA concurrently networks with centers of influence to find the names of potential candidates who excel in the principal areas of our client's criteria.  We then contact these candidates and conduct preliminary interviews to determine their priorities, motivations for change, and technical abilities.  We will most often begin by analyzing all areas without reference to our client's needs.  JBA finds this produces an evaluation of each candidate's desire to make a move without influencing his/her responses.  If a candidate matches the criteria, we conduct an in-depth interview.  JBA believes that discovering a premeditated reason for change without a lure produces a candidate who is looking for solutions rather than one who is looking to be sold on something better.

Step 5: Candidate Assessment
During the initial review, we will review all potential candidates. A weekly candidate tracking form is submitted, surveying the candidate's motivations, compensation, issues and/or concerns.  (Compensation and motivations are identified in order to target what is necessary to attract the right candidate).  JBA will submit summaries, resumes, and in-depth references on all finalists.  We stay in continuous contact with the chosen candidates, making sure all concerns about the candidate are identified and can be satisfactorily addressed.  This process continues until the candidate is hired.

Step 6: Finalists
All potential obstacles for a possible acceptance are removed.  We recommend interviewing dates for the finalists based on knowledge of their availability.  The timing and sense of urgency will vary among candidates. 

Step 7: Client/Candidate Interviews
JBA ensures that all parties are adequately prepared so interviews flow easily.  Upon request, we will partner with our clients to conduct joint interviews.

Step 8: Client/Candidate Post-Interview Debriefing
We thoroughly debrief the client and the candidate.  The findings are then presented to both parties. Debriefings are a crucial part of this process.  Third party involvement helps alleviate any questions or concerns that may cause problems in the decision-making process.

Step 9: The Official Offer/Acceptance
JBA contacts the candidate and extends the official offer together with any special terms or provisions. When the candidate accepts the offer and agrees to a start date, we notify the client.

Step 10: Client/Candidate Post Acceptance Follow-Up
After the candidate begins employment, JBA continues to have conversations with both the candidate and the client to ensure a successful transition.