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For over 18 years, Janet has been passionate about being a recruiter.   She received her B.A. degree at the University of Maryland as well as a Master's in Education at the University of Connecticut.  Beginning her recruiting career at a search firm in Los Angeles, Janet was honored as their top national recruiter.  Moving to the Portland area in the early 90's, she joined the firm of Robert William James and Associates where she also was the top national recruiter for several years.  In 2003 Janet started her own company in order to better practice the specific element she values most in recruiting: a deeper probing into what both organizations and candidates really need. 

Janet's extensive portfolio of companies is the result of her individualized approach to her clients.  She delights in uncovering "hidden" talent, the proverbial needle-in-a-haystack.  Her creative approach enables her to master many different types of client situations, from sales, finance, and marketing to operations, technical, and environmental.  She prides herself as being a true "Renaissance" recruiter!

Steve earned a B.A. degree at Michigan State University in Psychology and a Master's in Computer Science at the Oregon Graduate Institute.  His past experience includes business planning, marketing, and computer research/analysis.  At Sega of America, he was a Creative Director, specializing in developing new marketing approaches and methods.  As co-owner of Daystar Computers in California, he was involved in all levels of computer retailing, from programming to distributing to sales.  Today, he utilizes these skills in research and analysis for JBA.  (Steve is Janet's husband, making this a true "family business".)