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the force that drives business. 

Company to client,
                                partner to partner,
                                                                customer to product: 

connecting can mean the difference between success and failure, especially in the fast-moving corporate world of today.

Janet Brumbaugh and Associates is an executive search firm that stands for those unique connections that drive a company's success.  With over 18 years of experience in the field of high-level recruiting, Janet has established the personal approach designed to find the right people for the right job for the right company. 
These individuals are often hard to find, hard to attract, and hard to secure.  A successful hire requires more than just finding the right skill set.  Is this person aligned with a company’s culture, goals, and vision?  For JBA it's about hiring an executive who will drive revenue and steer the future.  Rather than rely on an impersonal, cookie-cutter method, Janet meets directly with those who will impact the prospective candidate.  Her individualized approach continues through researching, interviewing, selecting, and verifying, all the way through the hiring and beyond.

The results speak for themselves: For every 3 interviews arranged, on average one offer is given, with over 80% of candidates from referrals or recruiting.